Certified Nutrition and Wellbeing Coach

After earning my Bachelor of Sport and Recreation (majoring in Nutrition and Physical Activity) where I completed my final project based around addressing Childhood Obesity in New Zealand via the Eat your Words Programme for Sanitarium.


I then entered the world of Health, Fitness and Nutrition where I have been contributing to a range of health initiatives such as “Fit for the Road” -  a Health and Nutrition Programme tackling Obesity in New Zealand Truck Drivers, Nutrition consulting for a weight loss app for a range of international clients and have been an active Youth Leader for Diabetes New Zealand for the last 7 years. I am also a Type 1 Diabetic, with 15 years,  experience alongside losing 35kgs and transforming my own health.


"My mission is to inspire those with Diabetes to live longer, healthier and happier lives"

My diabetic story began at 13 when I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and since then I have lost 35 kgs and kept it off through lifestyle changes. I specialise in Diabetic nutrition and lifestyle management and my mission is to help as many people as I can transform their lives and go from just surviving to thrive in this modern, fast-paced world.

I thought seeing as though I have started this blog the best way for you to find out a bit more about me is for me to share with you a bit more about my life and my journey with Type 1 Diabetes.


I began putting on weight quickly from the age of 8 and was diagnosed with Diabetes at 13, after 6 weeks of being unwell. I knew there was something off about how I had been feeling and behaving. I had lost 25kg over the 6 weeks and had been eating as much as I could to feel satisfied (which was around 3 loaves of bread a day) washed down with around 8L of water! My mum picked up on how sick I was when I came home from school and my skirt fell down to my ankles. I had blood tests on a Monday and by Friday I was in hospital and diagnosed by the afternoon. My blood sugar level at that point was 39mmol and I spent the weekend in hospital learning about my new life and how different it would be now that I was taking 5 injections a day and testing my blood sugars. Thankfully I didn't end up in hospital for long and was a reasonably easy transition (or so I thought!)






This really wasn't an easy transition when I got home,  particularly at a time in my life where I was becoming very social and interested in the opposite sex, drinking and in general having fun. Over the next 4 years I rebelled against my Diabetes and I wasn't interested in changing my lifestyle habits. It wasn't until I had gained 30kg and saw a picture of myself that I realised how unhealthy I really was. I began making small changes like increasing my water intake, less sugar and more green vegetables. Over time these changes became easier and had more of an impact as my body changed. I was excited by the challenge of becoming healthy and fit! 


By the time I was 22 I had lost the 30kg (plus some more) I did this by 5 years of consistent hard work and always putting my health first. I lost the weight because of the consistency and showing up to every exercise session and maintaining a healthy, clean diet. I cut out the takeaways, lowered my sugar intake and considered what foods were impacting my gut. This included dairy and to a lesser extent gluten. I realised the cleaner I kept my food the easier it was to keep the weight off. Now 6 years later I have kept the weight off and I continue to adapt my lifestyle to benefit my blood sugars and my diet. I want to inspire those with Diabetes to change their lives for the better and to become the healthiest version of themselves.

Join me in finding the healthiest version of you! 

Get in touch and let's get started!

Keep thriving. 

Tori x


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